2023 presidency: Prominent Itsekiri octogenarian Pa Oki slams Balarabe Musa

WARRI: A prominent Niger Delta leader of the Itsekiri extraction Pa Prince Churchill Oki has described recent call by former governor of Kaduna state, Alhaji Ballarabe Musa for the next president of the country to come from the south eastern region as misleading . Pa Churchil who spoke in Warri, Delta state said there had never been anything as south eastern region in the history of the country, adding that the nation operated four regions which he listed as northern, eastern, and western and mid-western Continuing, he said for sake of fairness the mid-western region should produce the next president since it is the only defunct region in the country that had not produced a president for the country. 

 He further called for unity among leaders of the defunct Midwestern region which today has broken into Edo and Delta states. “Balarabe Musa on Saturday Vanguard July 25th, 2020 page 5, said that the Presidency should go to the SOUTH EAST REGION OF THE COUNTRY IN 2023. I am sorry to tell Balarabe that people like him misled and rewrite the history of this country. We had 4 Regions in Nigeria by/before 1966 according to the constitution. Northern Nigeria (Region) Kaduna Eastern Nigeria (Region) Enugu Western Nigeria (Region) Ibadan mid- Western Nigeria (Region) Benin.” he said. “If Balarabe Musa is very honest to himself he should know that it is only the MID-WESTERN Region that has not produced any President for Nigeria. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is from Eastern Region. The present 6 geopolitical zone was done by Dr. Alex Ekweme/Gen Abacha to wipe out Old Mid-West Region.”, he added. “By 1964/66 Nigeria had four military leaders according to their regions with Gen Ironsi from Eastern Region as Head of Nigeria.General Hassan Katsina for Northern Region ( Kaduna) General Odumegwu Ojukwu for Eastern Region (EnuguGeneral Adekunle Fajuyi for Western Region (Ibadan) General David Ejoor for Mid-West Region (Benin) Eastern Region produced Dr. Azikiwe, Gen Ironsi and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as Presidents.Northern Region produced Sir Tafawa Balewa, Gowon, Banbagida, Shagari, Abacha, Yar Adua .Western Region produced Obansanjo, Shonekan.Mid-western Region— Nil”, he said. “The Six(6) geopolitical zones are not Regions as Balarabe wants us to believe. South East zone is derogative to the IBO Nation. Eastern Region is the proper adjective for the IBO. I call on the Oba of Benin to play the Good Role of his grandfather Oba Akenzuwa in the creation of the Old Mid-West Region with Benin City as capital.”, he added. He further enjoined frontline political leaders from the two states that make up the old mid western region to contest for the presidency.

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