Man uses his two kids for Scamming Charm.

I used my two children to do charms ...man confesses ...........................................................

.50-year old Man Confesses of how he sacrificed his 2 Children for charms which he puts in his mouth any time he wants to Dupe anybody both Nigeria and American. 

Trouble started for Mr Phillips who hails from Abia state when his ex-wife reported him to the police, accusing him of using his own children for money. 

According to the woman he said that the husband source of income was always questioned because he knew the husband to be a very lazy and heartless person but all of sudden he started becoming richer and richer.

The accused man's neighbor suspected his source of money, especially the sudden death of his two lovely children, Kenneth Philips and Joy  Philips.

 The Abia State Nigeria Police Command arrested this man and series of investigations and interrogations were being done, but finally the man confessed he was into internet fraud but with the help of his children, he used for charms to make the white people he talks to give him money.

According to the man the reason why he really sacrificed his children was because he wanted quick money, and he wanted anybody he asked for money to give him no matter the amount.

The man however said he has regretted his actions, he also confessed of how he has Duped people in Nigeria and American citizens of so much millions of Naira.

He went further to say that the idea of using his children for this action came from his friend the day he parted ways with his wife who was the mother of this children.

The man who has given enough statement and evidence to the police will be handed over to the Efcc for charges on fraud and handed over to the police for charges on murder .

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